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2 essential things to remember about college scholarships

Promote yourself to receive either an academic or athletic scholarship

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Consider these two things when travelling on a student budget


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The 3 most important reasons you should study in the US

3 skills that high school sport teaches your child

Whether your child knows what they want to do when they finish school or not, the qualities they develop personally and professionally via high school sport can be carried through into their adult life.

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How Uni students can still travel overseas on a limited budget

Believe me when I say, I completely understand what it’s like to have limited finances due to the Uni student lifestyle. I’ve been there, done that.

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Top tips for gaining US college sport scholarships


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The most important strategy a parent can apply to raising their athletic child

As a father, former athlete and coach, I can certainly appreciate the challenges parents face when it comes to choosing clubs, programs, coaches, training centres and more for their child. Being the parent of a young athlete requires you to be a Sport Scientist, Nutritionist, Psychologist, Coach and friend… all rolled up in one.

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The top 3 benefits of student uni travel

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3 common misconceptions about the US college lifestyle

'The majority of college freshman in the US experience a thing called the 'freshman 15', meaning they gain roughly 15 pounds (around 7kgs) in their first year of college...'

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5 pieces of advice for a study abroad experience

  • Balancing the four S’! Probably the toughest hurdle all student-athletes face is the time-management of study, sport, socialising and sightseeing. Juggling study and sport can be troublesome enough, but throw in those social and sightseeing activities and you can feel 10 feet under! Keeping a calendar, schedule or diary to help balance your time spent between each of the four S’ can make you feel more organised and help you set aside time for those activities you don’t want to miss when studying abroad!

  • Record your adventures! Keeping a personalised journal is a great way to create lasting memories of those quirky little stories that might otherwise evade your memory. I know what you’re thinking; Yeah right, as if I would ever forget an amazing experience like study abroad! Fast forward to when you’re 87 and forgetting to put your dentures in… Trust me, it’s worth it!
  • Swap social media for social life. You are overseas and I totally understand that you want to take that perfect Instagram photo that will rake in the likes or create a hilarious snapchat story on a night out. I just want to remind you to take a break from your phone or laptop once in a while and really live in the moment. There’s nothing worse than reflecting on a travel memory and realising you only experienced the place through the lens of your camera. Put your phone away, take a look around and really absorb your surroundings. You may never get a chance to do this again!

  • Manage your money. Learn when to search for the best budget deal, and when to throw all qualms out the window and splurge on that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There's nothing worse than looking back on your travel adventure and thinking why did I buy that?! And why didn't I pay for that instead?!

  • If you’re living on campus, join clubs and sign up for events. Even the most introverted student will find amusement in what college activities have to offer! Take the chance to be a real college student and immerse yourself in what's on offer, you'll only regret what you didn't do!
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