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The reality of US college sport: a student-athlete reflection

It's been a whirlwind six months since I began my adventure in US college sport. Adjusting from being a regular student from Auckland, New Zealand with a passion for hockey, to being a full-time student-athlete in one of the most competitive sporting environments in the world has been challenging, yet rewarding.

My journey at Belmont Abbey College started in August 2016 and I have experienced so much already, while developing my academics and sport to another level.

I've made so many new friends and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Every student-athlete at college has a different experience, so I thought I'd share what mine has been like so far and give an insight into what the college lifestyle as a student-athlete is like.

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5 experiences no US college student from overseas should miss

The life of a US college student is often reflected on as one of the most memorable and exciting times in a young person's life, and while every college journey is unique to the individual, there are often shared experiences.

Students coming from overseas to study abroad in a US college rarely know what kind of opportunities they can encounter. Four years at my college and a domestic semester exchange saw me experience things that can only be assimilated with the college lifestyle.

I had some of my best times in college, so sharing my memories with others, especially my friends in Australia or New Zealand, in the hopes that they get to create similar crazy-fun times puts a huge smile on my face!

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What you need to know about the standard of US college sport

College sport in America is a hugely popular pathway for domestic and international students to follow after high school.


It's a tonne of fun. Student-athletes are regarded as campus celebrities, and they get special treatment in some ways. Just to name a few reasons.

While this all sounds great, college athletes really do work hard, and I mean HARD. The life of a college athlete is no joke, and the privileges mentioned above are well-earned. While you might not fully comprehend the extent to which US college student-athletes differ from sporting students at college or university level in Australia or New Zealand currently, you will by the end of this blog!

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Where are the best international performing arts schools?

An overseas education is often a popular pathway to take for young students, and a specialised education in a field like the performing arts is no exception.

Taking the opportunity to study your passion for the performing arts can offer just as many options across the globe as a purely academic pathway.

So, where are the 'best' performing arts schools around the world? Where will your passion and talent thrive and where is the best opportunity for your specific skill set?

I've got you covered! Based on recent statistics, I will help you break down where you fit in the international performing arts sphere.

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7 things you shouldn't do when applying for tertiary scholarships

If you're at the stage of college applications where you are navigating the variety of scholarships available to you, there are a few things you should know before you start.

While there's a fair amount of advice and tips available on the internet and among college advice experts on what you should do to optimise your chances of receiving a college scholarship, it's equally important to note the things you should avoid doing when applying.

By understanding these few tips on what not to do when exploring potential funding opportunities, you may just put yourself in a better position to obtain tertiary scholarships when competing with other students.

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Why an American arts education is your ladder to success

It's often heard that students who study performing arts or who have a strong passion for the arts will struggle to turn their interest into a future pathway. 

I'm sure you've heard the saying; do what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life. Is that a safe assumption?

It's a great saying, and one that many people agree with, yet few attempt to put it in action. Few follow their love of the performing arts to a future opportunity beyond high school.

Let me show you how you can do it, and why America is the best place for it.

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Why NSR's USA College Expo is your ticket to an overseas education

A new year means new opportunities, and NSR has certainly delivered on this front. As we progress further into 2017, NSR is thrilled to be celebrating the launch of several new pathway programs.

After ten years in business assisting students to combine a passion for sport with a viable academic pathway in one setting, we have recognised the need for expansion and growth in order to make an overseas education opportunity inclusive of a range of student interests and passions.

With this in mind, NSR recently launched new programs opening pathways to education opportunities across the US and Canada. 

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5 ways college sport in America produces successful people

When you think of sport in college in the US, you probably picture scenes from US college movies where sport is adored and worshiped. While the atmosphere is accurately represented and the dedication of the athletes unquestionable, the behind the scenes development that occurs is rarely represented.

The truth is, sport in US colleges holds value well beyond the on-field experiences. College athletes are among the most successful graduates around the world in their future career ambitions and life experiences.

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5 signs US college sport is the right path for your child

As parents, you want the best for your children, that's no surprise.

You want them to do what they love in life, while subtly encouraging and quietly hoping they choose a quality education as well, right? 

For many Australian and New Zealand high school students, sport is a huge influence and passion in their lives, but most recognise the lack of a realistic and constructive sporting opportunity after high school at home.

As a parent, it can be difficult to know what path is right for your child. By understanding their character and what drives them, you could get a better insight into what kind of future setting your child would be most suited to.

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Why an overseas education is becoming increasingly popular

For your grandparents, maybe even your parents, attending University or College after high school was a rare pathway to follow.

Fast forward to the present; not only is it exceedingly common for high school students to choose to go to University after graduation, but they are increasingly choosing to experience an education abroad.

While some may not see the advantages of an international education, others consider it an unlimited fountain of benefits. 

So, why are so many students choosing to embrace an international education? What benefits do those students see? Let me give you a quick insight into what an education overseas really offers.

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