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Understand why and how so many College athletes turn pro after their college careers. Learn about current and former NSR athletes that are on this path, and see why the transition from College sports to Professional sports is seamless

3 questions every student should ask themselves before studying in the US


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The top 2 most important strategies in physical recovery

Level 1

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Common misconceptions about US college sport training

It doesn't matter how many movies you watch, how many college athletes you follow on Instagram, or how much you try to prepare yourself for your college life as a student-athlete. You will always be overwhelmed by what you are confronted with when you finally enter the college system.

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3 key tactics to apply to US college sport recruitment

1. It's a two-way street

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What parents need to know about securing a US college pathway


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2 essential things to remember about college scholarships

Promote yourself to receive either an academic or athletic scholarship

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Consider these two things when travelling on a student budget


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The 3 most important reasons you should study in the US

3 skills that high school sport teaches your child

Whether your child knows what they want to do when they finish school or not, the qualities they develop personally and professionally via high school sport can be carried through into their adult life.

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